My Favorite Bella Items

I’m going to start off my posting with my favorite Bella items.  Almost all the items I own are favorites, but I’ll narrow it down to three for now.

Bella isn’t my favorite character in the Twilight series – I’m not actually sure who is.  But my fashion sense matches human Bella the most.  I’m not very into dresses or skirts or fancy shoes.  I’m most comfortable in a pair of jeans, sneakers, and a fitted cotton based shirt.  I don’t wear make up except for cosplaying, and I usually have my hair up in some kind of braid.  In many ways, my fashion style is very tomboyish and very Bella Swan.

One of my absolute favorite items that I own is my leather peacock print bag.

And here’s my bag.

As you can see, my bag is EXACTLY the same.  I purchased it on Etsy from the lovely Angela of Stitch and Swash. It was her bag that appeared in the movie and after its release she started making her bags available to fans who wanted one.  The peacock bag is made of recycled leather that is super soft but makes each bag unique.  The inside is turquoise cotton with one pocket and a hook for your keys.  I get so many compliments when I use this bag.  I have walked into the Fossil watch company store and was given compliments on three separate occasions by three different employees.  Even my mother loves this bag.

The peacock bag is quite large, but Angela has also made a petite version of the bag available for a slightly reduced price.  She can make any of her bags in the peacock style or you can choose your own leather colors and print.

My second favorite item is the Lucky Brand rose embroidered tunic seen when Bella is in the hotel with Jasper and Alice discussing what to do about James.

And of course mine (mind the wrinkles).

I got mine off of eBay so a fairly reasonable price (close to the original price I think) considering Lucky Brand is not exactly an inexpensive company.  I wear it often in the early fall and late spring months with jeans and a tank top underneath.  I usually wear it with the elastic sleeves up to my elbows so as not to get in my way.  You can, on occasion, still find the item on eBay but the price has gone up drastically.

And last and most likely my most expensive Bella item, her Cullen Crest ring that made the briefest of appearances in New Moon.

Neca’s version

And mine.

I looked everywhere for this ring and the only thing I could find anything but the Neca replica.  I love Neca replicas and own many of them, but there were two things that kept me from buying their version of this ring.  First, it was base metal and I didn’t want this ring rusting or becoming damaged in any way.  Second, it came in a size 7 which doesn’t even fit my thumb.  I wanted a ring that would fit my size 5 ring finger.  I’m not even sure what keywords I put in to find them, but eventually I stumbled across Artisans Designsout in Portland, OR.  Imagine my surprise when I found out they were THE jewelers for Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse (not sure if they are the jewelers for Breaking Dawn, but I imagine so).  They hand make all of the Cullen Crest jewelry from the first two movies by hand with the same molds.  They also make a version of Bella’s moonstone ring and two versions of her engagement ring (one was approved for the movie).

Their craftsmanship is simply stunning.  Their prices are high, but you get quality work well worth the money.  And all the rings are crafted to your exact size.  II only have this one ring, but I do plan to purchase the smaller version of Rosalie’s original necklace and Bella’s engagement ring (if I can ever save up enough).

About six months after I received the ring (and had loads of students admit their jealously of my piece), I received a certificate of authenticity for it.

I got another surprise when I saw that my ring was the 14th one made.  That put a smile on my face.  😀

That’s it for today, but I have more favorites coming.

(Originally posted on Blogspot on November 19th, 2012)

Curious Gypsy and Mitosis

After reading the response to an email I sent to the lovely Christilynn of Inside Bella’s Closet, I figured I need to keep up with the posting here.  So my next item I am featuring is not only one of my favorites, but it has a rather interesting back story.

Here is the (in)famous Curious Gypsy thermal top Bella wears when Edward first speaks to her in biology class.

And mine of course.

I love this shirt for various reasons.  It’s light enough to wear all year round with a tank top underneath and various t-shirts and other tops over.  I am in love with the thumb holes; I simply adore shirts with thumb holes.  But, most of all, I got this shirt for free.

You read that right.  I paid $0 for this shirt that retails around $60 (when you don’t count eBay’s jacked up prices).

Now, before I begin my little story, note that I absolutely cannot remember where I purchased this shirt.  It was online through some retailer in California, San Fran I believe.  They cater to college students and it is run by four very young gentlemen.  I tried finding them again but I could not find their website, and they were pre-Facebook for me so I never liked their page.

In any event, through some crazy amount of internet searching I found this website that was selling the actual Curious Gypsy thermal.  They were hidden from the world since they only mentioned Twilight and Bella in their description and not the title of their item.  I recall seeing their price was around $60 or so.  I spent a long time debating the merits of owning a thermal shirt in that price range when JCP had thermals for $10 (and they had thumbholes too).  Eventually I wanted the shirt too badly and bit the bullet, ordered one, and waited.

And waited.  And waited.

Two weeks passed and I never received a shipping notice or an item.  I emailed the company.  I called them and got an answering machine.  No response.  I emailed again.  I called again.  Still no response.  I gave up calling since they apparently didn’t keep the office hours they posted and continued to email.  My emails went from civil to getting borderline PO’ed.  After 5 weeks and 5 emails (mind you they said they respond to emails in 24 hours), I finally said “Forget it.  Cancel my order and refund my money.  And I’m never referring anyone to you ever.”  That got their attention and they promptly canceled my order.  I thought that was the end of it and lamented not getting my shirt but thought it wasn’t meant to be.

Three weeks later I had completely forgotten the incident…only to come home to my mother going “You have a package.”  Let me cut in briefly and say that between prop replicas, cosplaying, and knitting, I get a lot of packages.  But I wasn’t expecting one this time so I opened it and out slips my shirt.  Gobsmacked is the only way to describe my reaction, but then the adult kicks in and thinks “Did they charge me?”  Because, seriously, that would be poetic justice that I get charged for a shirt two months after the fact.

But they never have.  And I now own probably one of the most sought after Bella Swan items and didn’t pay a cent for it.  Awesomeness.

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to say that every time I teach a mitosis lab, I giggle.  Every.  Time.  It is one of my favorite scenes from the book (the movie lacks something I can’t quite put my finger one).  Mitosis was also the subject I had to mock teach when interviewing for my job.  I think that even if I leave the teaching profession, mitosis will follow me for the rest of my life.
(Originally posted on Blogspot on Sunday, November 25th, 2012)