Breaking Dawn Part 2 Replica Jewelry

So I’ve done my Breaking Dawn Part 1 jewelry post, now here’s the Breaking Dawn Part 2 post.  I have to say, I love these items much more than the part 1 items.

Renesmee’s Quiluette promise bracelet and Bella’s Cullen crest cuff

cullen_braceletsLove Renesmee’s bracelet.  Love the colors, love the feel, love the closure.  I have three of these bracelets because I wear them all the time.  I was afraid the threads would eventually break (I’m a little rough with my hands).  I thought it couldn’t hurt to have more than one just in case.  And since Hot Topic had a buy 2 get 1 free sale, why not?  It is on the small side so anyone with a 7 inch wrist or bigger will have to find a way of creating an extension.  For my barely 6 inch wrist, however, it is perfect.

I didn’t realize until recently that Bella wore her own version of the Cullen crest cuff.  I HAD to have it.  Unfortunately my wrists are so small that the cuff moves around my arm a lot (the cuff has two snap closures but still measures a good 8 inches end to end).  Rick at Artisan’s Designs said he would be willing to rivet a crest to a cuff for me, but I need to come up with the money to afford the crest first.  And the cuff itself since he was unable to find any leather cuffs less than 8 inches.  I think a trip to Michael’s will have to happen.

Bella’s wedding ring set (parts 1 and 2)


As I said before, I have both part 1 and part 2 wedding ring sets.  Other than packaging I can’t really tell the difference between the two.  The part 2 set was free for me (see the Renesmee bracelet description) and is in better condition.  They are still size 7s so boo.

And, as stated previously, I have handmade versions.


The one featured here was purchased on Etsy and is made of sterling silver and 109 Swarovski crystals.  Artisan’s Designs makes the version of the engagement ring that was in Eclipse (from what I can see, the BD version is a little more round where the Eclipse version is more flat) but it costs $750, which I have not yet been able to save.  This sterling ring was a more affordable $129.99.

Renesmee’s locket

renesmee_locket3  renesmee_locket4

Whatever I didn’t pay for any of the other BD items, parts 1 and 2, I paid for in this one.  I was one of those “fortunate” people to preorder this from Hot Topic only to be told they were not going to ship them due to product defectiveness.  HT told me they contacted the manufacturer about the issue and if they get more product they would ship my order to me.  This was contrary to the message they sent to others saying they would not be getting this product again ever.  Not knowing who to believe I jumped on eBay; a defective product was better than nothing.

The popularity and rarity of this product is crazy, and I spent many days on eBay bidding on auction after auction hoping to get this locket at a reasonable price.  Fate apparently wanted me to buy it from this one specific seller who had a fixed price that was in the slightly higher spectrum.  But it had free shipping and I would get it in 2-3 days due to the seller’s close proximity.

Like I said, whatever I didn’t pay for the other items was invested in this one.

2 thoughts on “Breaking Dawn Part 2 Replica Jewelry

    • Other than a little green discoloration around the fleur de lis (I think this is due to the glue), it’s fine. I’ve dropped it once by accident and no damage. I don’t open it much and when I do it is very carefully.

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