Not Gone Yet

I haven’t disappeared, just been busy.  Let’s see…in the last month I have:

-Completed a 2 day/20 hour level 1 yoga teacher training.  I am currently doing 8 hours of community service yoga teaching to officially complete the training and get my certificate.  In 2 weeks I have the level 3 training to complete (skipping level 2 for now).

-Completed sewing two skirts.  Both are purple/blackberry skirts, one is corduroy and one in cotton sateen.  The cotton sateen one still needs hemming but that can be done later.

-Work, work, and more work.  We started classes again January 7, and every Friday since I’ve had meetings that lasted until well after lunch (Fridays are supposed to be our short days).  It’s been a good semester so far but hopefully the Friday meetings will stop for a bit so I can get some rest.

-Been watching a lot of Doctor Who lately.  I finished watching the 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) and am currently on the 10th Doctor with companion Donna Noble (David Tennant and Catherine Tate).  I am about halfway through that season.  I am trying to catch up by March 30th when the current season resumes on BBC America.  I found a Tardis inspired skirt on Etsy that’s so cute.  I want to make one myself but need to find the right color blue fabric.

I have plans to spend the forecasted rainy weekend pattern shopping and sewing another dress.  I don’t know what kind of dress, but Peneloping is being so inspirational right now with all the dresses she has made.  I don’t want to copy her dresses, but it’s so difficult not too when they are all so cute.

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