Doctor Who Clara’s Bells of St. John Dress

Been on a Doctor Who kick lately, and as I have said before I adore the new companion Clara. After sewing her Cold War outfit and assembling the screen accurate pieces of her Nightmare in Silver outfit, I set out to assemble some more of her other outfits. I have all the main pieces except the shoes for her 50th anniversary outfit. And I have plans to work on her Snowmen barmaid outfit.

One of the pieces I have wanted for a while is her Bells of St. John red asymmetrical dress. I love the Urban Outfitters Silence + Noise dress, but acquiring it has been difficult. It has been sold out for a while and trying to get it on eBay has been a nightmare.  I came close once but never again.  Like always, I set out to sew it but what fabric to use?  Finding anything close to the space dye pattern was not yielding good results…until a lovely cosplayer on Tumblr kindly told me where she got her fabric.  Turns out she got it at (which I frequent) but I just wasn’t typing in the right key words (the fabric has since sold out since other Clara cosplayers also purchased it).

And here it is:


I meshed two patterns together – one of the top and one for the asymmetrical skirt – into a dress.  The fabric is stretch knit so no need for a zipper or buttons.  The downside to the stretch is that it doesn’t lend itself well to a shaped fit; I’ve taken in the sides and it is still a little loose on me.  I haven’t actually worn the dress except to try it on since it is currently pushing 90 degrees F here and cooler weather is way off.  Hopefully around October I can make use of this dress.

I bought four yards of the fabric and just BARELY had enough.  It takes more fabric to complete when you have the horizontal striped top and vertical striped dress.  I did this because, after careful study, the original dress had horizontal vs. vertical stripes although the striping of the space dye pattern is more subtle.

I don’t have anything for the shoes at the moment; All Saints recently sold out of the non-shearling version of Clara’s boots but they were too pricey for my blood.

I am still trying to bid on and win/sew Clara’s Rings of Ahkaten and Journey to the Centre of the Tardis dresses since they are two of my favorites.  No luck yet on fabric but I am hoping something will turn up eventually.

2 thoughts on “Doctor Who Clara’s Bells of St. John Dress

  1. This is absolutely fabulous. I’m a bit of a seamstress myself, however as I’m currently undertaking a complete Doctor Who marathon, and blogging about it, I just don’t seem to have the time to sew at the moment. You can find my blog, in which I review all the episodes in chronological order, in 50 weeks at

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