New Wardrobe Pieces

I got inspired by Peneloping a while ago to start making more of my own clothes and not just cosplays. Since then, I’ve made one Dear Creatures copy, a modified Dear Creatures dress, two skirts, five shirts, and one drapey knit jersey cardigan.  I do not have pictures of the modified Dear Creatures dress and, to be perfectly honest, I am not entirely sure I am in love with it anyway.  Of the five shirts, one is still incomplete; I haven’t yet pounded in the snaps simply because I am one snap pair short and the local fabric store is 15 mins via highway/30 mins via side road away.

Do excuse the terrible photography about to come up.  I really need to invest in some soft lights and find a spot in my house to do some decent photography.

Of the two skirts, one is made from knit fabric and the other from woven fabric.  Here is the knit skirt:


It is made from leftover jersey knit fabric from when I made a Hunger Games Clove training outfit (which I haven’t worn yet).  I used Simplicity pattern 1616 to make it; this is also the same pattern I used to make the bottom half of Clara’s Bells of St. John dress.  It’s a tad loose around the waist but it’s a great go to skirt.

The other skirt is made from a woven cotton sateen given to me by a coworker of mine.  She thought she bought enough for a dress, but the 1.5 yards was only enough for a skirt.


I am in love with my Clara Nightmare in Silver skirt from Urban Outfitters but it’s too short for my statue.  So I used Simplicity 2314, put a zipper in the front instead of the side, and lengthened the hem by 3 inches to accommodate the 20 inch zipper.  I originally added pockets to the skirt just like the UO skirt, but I lined this one and it sits right on the hips; the pockets opened up so they were removed.

Here are three of the five shirts.


All three were made with lightweight cotton; the collars on two of them are made from stretch poplin.  I made all three of these, from start to finish, in a single day with plenty of time to spare.

The one on the left was made using the Colette Sorbetto top pattern.  I made the pleat in the opposite direction and lengthened the hem by 3 inches so it’s less of a crop top and more of a flowy boxy top.  The armholes are a little tight but nothing too restricting.  It’s a great free pattern that I think everyone should make at least one of.

The other two shirts were made from Simplicity 1693. Normally I go into a fabric store knowing what pattern I am going to use and then buying appropriate fabric.  In the case of these two shirts, I got the fabric first then stumbled onto the pattern.  Like the Sorbetto top, they are a bit tight in the armholes.  They are very billowy with the high-low hem but I love them.  I think my favorite of the two is the whale one since it’s so cute.

Shirt #4 was made in about 2 hours using Burda 7678 and black stretch jersey very similar to the one I used for my knit skirt.


I changed the front neckline to be more round and hand finished the sleeves and neckline.  The original inspiration for this shirt/mini dress was the Diesel D-Quare-Dev mini dress worn by Lily Collins as Clary Fray in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie.  I would probably wear this as more of a billowy shirt with either jeans or tights come fall (all the fabric makes it very warm despite the thin nature of the jersey).

As I said before, shirt #5 in incomplete so it’s not shown here.  It’s a sleeveless, button/snap down front with a modified high-low hem in a stretch cotton purple and black plaid print.  Very cute but unfinished currently.

I also made a drapey jersey knit cardigan this morning using Megan Nielsen’s tutorial.  The only issues I have with my cardigan is that the shoulders are funky and the sleeves a little tight.  The sleeve issue might be because my fabric isn’t exactly 4 way stretch; the shoulders always come out funky for me.

I head back to work tomorrow (oh joy…) so sewing will be a bit slow until Christmas break.  I have two cosplays I plan to work on before the year is out so expect some progress on those.  I also need to complete some knitting projects that have been sitting around since the weather turned warm.  Stay tuned!

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