Doctor Who DIY Planned Projects

The new 12th Doctor was announced yesterday.  Welcome aboard, Peter Capaldi!  I do not know your work outside of the Fires of Pompeii but I look forward to what you will bring to the series.

Every since I heard the announcement that Matt Smith was leaving the series, my mind has been in a whirl.  I learned of Doctor Who during David Tennant’s run.  I have not yet seen Classic Doctor Who (to be honest, it’s a little slow for my taste), but have seen every episode since it’s revamp in 2005 (thank you Netflix).  I thought Tennant was my favorite and first Doctor, but the truth is Smith is.  I love his humor and his physicality.  I love his interaction with the other characters.  And while I understand many people’s dislike of how the show is run under Steven Moffatt’s tenure as head writer, I still like the show.  So I am sad to see Matt go.

In preparation of the 50th anniversary special and the Christmas special/Matt’s departure, I have some DIY DW plans.  I have found many of these on the internet, Craftgawker, Pinterest, and Etsy.  Rather than buy the items from Etsy sellers, this DIY crafter decided to do them herself.  So here’s a short list of some of the things I want to make before Matt leaves:

-A messenger bag: I have been wanting to make a messenger bag for a little while now.  I’m a student photographer but I don’t always carry my Canon and lenses around with me.  Instead I always have my iPhone and Olloclip for when photo opportunities arise; I also have a set of colored plastic filters and want to buy a pocket reflector.  But my current handbags are not designed to accommodate all of these items in an organized fashion.  Spoonflower has some awesome (but expensive) fabric I want to use in Tardis themed prints.  I want to get a yard of specialty fabric and make a handbag with compartments for each of my iPhone accessories.

-A Tardis themed skirt: I’ve seen a couple of Tardis themed skirts on Etsy but rather than buy them I want to make one since I’m proficient at sewing.  I am just having difficulty finding the correct color.

-Refashion Whovian shirt: I bought a gray, junior size medium shirt from Hot Topic that simply says “Whovian” on the front with a mini Tardis over the i.  Even in a size medium it’s a little snug around the chest for my taste…and I have a small chest.  I want to refashion it either with a blue lace back or a more Anthropologie inspired back.

NEW!  In addition to the above refashion, in May two of my closest friends and fellow Whovians and I met and were talking about our love for the Doctor.  Turns out we each have a different 1st Doctor.  There’s a t-shirt design floating around that says “You Never Forget Your First Doctor” with a Tardis on the front.  We thought that the only thing that could make the shirt more awesome was if the back had the last name and number of said Doctor…kind of like sports jerseys.  Well that got my mind rolling and one morning at work…

-Doctor plush: I haven’t handmade plushies in a while.  In fact the only plushie I’ve ever handmade were teddy bears, one of which I gave away as a gift and the other…I have no idea where it is.  Anyway, I kind of want my own 11th Doctor to carry around with me when I go to work, out hiking, doing photography, traveling, etc.  Michelle Coffee on Etsy has a pretty decently priced pattern I am considering.  I can easily modify the colors for my favorite purple frock coat.  My hands are itching to stitch this together already.

-Doctor and Tardis sneakers: This will probably be my biggest project.  I’ve seen a lot of painted Keds/Vans/canvas sneakers inspired by the Tardis as well as the 10th and 11th Doctors’ wardrobes.  I am in love with 11th purple frock coat so I’ve been scouring the Keds website for blue and purple sneakers I can paint myself (I want to buy them in colors so I don’t have to paint or dye them).  I just need to pony up the money to buy them (I can’t buy cheaper versions because I have wide feet and Keds makes their classic shoes in wide).

Of course, I have more Doctor Who cosplays planned.  I am planning on a Snowmen Clara barmaid dress for myself, an Idiot’s Lantern Rose outfit for my friend Holley, and a season 7 11 outfit for our mutual friend Jubal but that all depends on funds.  These three cosplays wouldn’t be needed until next May so there is still time.

And there are my projects. Hope I can get a good number of them done and save some money too.

7 thoughts on “Doctor Who DIY Planned Projects

  1. I am in desperate need of help. I need to sew Clara’s Name of the Doctor dress for a contest in school, but I can’t find the fabric or a good pattern. I found some I think I can mesh, but I am not an experienced sewer. I wouldn’t say I am bad, and I have adult guidance, but AHHHHHHH HEEEEELLLLLP! I need the fabric soon at least, and I cant find the right fabric pattern let alone material! I am so desperate (btw if you have any patterns or places I can find material for the Rings of Akahten dress, and nightmare in silver skirt I would be very interested, but that can wait. and you do amazing work. keep it up.)

    • I don’t think I can be of much help. My creative mind is focused on Katniss cosplays so I haven’t worked on Clara in a while.

      Spoonflower has an excellent replicate for the fabric, but it will take at least two weeks from the time you order to the shipping date…plus however long it takes to reach you. If you want close but not exact fabric, you can try and search “blue plaid” or “blue tartan”. They have a good selection but again not exact.

      I have not found any patterns to my liking, or any I think would mesh well but you seem to have found them. My advice is to make sure they are from the same company. If you mesh patterns from different companies, they sometimes don’t fit together well. I did do this for my JttCotT dress, but the pleated skirt allowed for the different. The NotD dress is more fitted so you’ll need to find patterns that are made by the same company.

      Also, don’t try to go for exactly the same seaming or pattern placement. Try for the same overall shape but not exact since it will just cause you frustration and irritation. Since you’ll be meshing patterns, it is not a bad idea to make a muslim mock up; that way you’ll know if the patterns work and can tweak the fit. Definitely get some adult help for that since you’ll need to size the pattern to your body if you don’t have a dress form.

      Sorry I can’t be of more help. If I find any patterns or fabrics, I’ll let you know but I haven’t worked on my dress yet.

      • Thank you sooooo much. Which of the fabrics would you recommend in terms of getting the outfit”s stiffness right? Cost isn’t an issue at this point.

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      • I mostly lean towards cotton sateens since it has a nice weight and drape. Spoonflower’s cotton sateen wrinkles terribly though. I also like stretch poplins, but I am not sure how Spoonflower’s poplin is.

        I’m one of those people that like to feel my fabrics before buying them when I can so sometimes buying fabric online is stressful to me.

      • Gotcha. Final question I promise. How much should I get taking several mistakes into account.

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      • Hm…if I were making the dress, I’d probably get 3-4 yards. Any leftover fabric could be used for a skirt, vest, or small handbag depending on what is left.

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