Amy’s Night Terrors Cosplay

Of the Doctor Who companions, Clara is my favorite. But I do love Amy Pond as well. I actually didn’t like Amy at first because it was just her and the Doctor; I much prefer the dynamic of Amy and Rory together since they compliment each other so well.

Recently while looking for some new boots, I happened across two of Amy’s screen accurate boots still available on Amazon in my size. I snapped them both up since 1) I have always wanted a pair of Dr. Martens, 2) Amy wears flat shoes, and 3) together they cost less than Clara’s Christmas special boots. Well, once I bought them the next logical step was to cosplay Amy. I have reservations about doing so since Karen Gillan is a redhead and Scottish and I am obviously…not. But I have always encouraged cosplayers of any race and origin so I thought why not.

Two of Amy’s outfits that I really like and stood out are her Night Terrors outfit and the one she wears in Let’s Kill Hitler. Luckily they are also the two in which she wears the Dr. Martens. I decided to start with the Night Terrors outfit since I really liked the dress she wore in it.


The boots are the screen accurate Dr. Martens Triumph 1914 in black. They are a tad long on my foot, but the width is perfect. Since they lace up so high and can accommodate thick socks I didn’t want to run the risk of returning them and ordering a smaller size.

I managed to get the screen accurate Noa Noa wool dress from a fellow DW cosplayer in Austria who was selling hers. I spent a pretty penny on it but it was new and unworn, and making it would have cost me nearly the same amount in labor time. I may still attempt to sew my own version just so that I have a warmer weather version as well. The dress is a size small; it fits me perfectly in my slightly broad shoulders, a little larger at my narrower waist, and hits above my knees. I’m a good deal shorter than Karen Gillan and had contemplated hemming it to the appropriate length, but that length is much shorter than even my shortest skirts and dresses. I decided I’m going to have to go for inaccuracy and leave the dress as is.


I’m still learning the functions of my camera so the damask like pattern on the dress doesn’t show up very well.

The jacket is an Oasis biker jacket I got on eBay for a decent price. It’s not screen accurate but it’s a very close style. It is also in black since the gray version of the specific jacket I bought was more silvery than dark gray.

The tights are Merona tights in dark grape/violet and were purchased at Target. To make the tank top underneath, I took a white Merona tank top I already owned and dyed it to a more dusty lavender color. I used to own a top in the color needed but I wore it so often I tossed it long before.

The scarf was knit using Capra Cashmere yarn in Caviar, Black, and Harbor. It was a simple rib pattern but it took me forever to figure out how many stitches to cast on.  The rib pattern changes at the beginning and end; it took some time and a lot of questions to another knitter to figure out the correct stitch count for a k2p2 that changes to a k4p4 with a k1p1 edge all the way.


I also have rings in rose gold plate that I purchased for dirt cheap on Amazon. The only items I will not have for this first wear is Amy’s A initial necklace and watch.  I have alts on Etsy I plan to buy but ran out of funds before the con.  Next wear I will have them.

I will be wearing this to Banzai Con in Columbia, SC this coming weekend. Hopefully I’ll have better pictures taken by my more experienced photographer friends.

Clara’s Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS Dress(es)

One of my best friends, Holley, has been asking me for years if I would sew cosplays for her.  I generally refuse commissions since I worry that what I make will not fit my client’s body or mental image.  Holley, however, is my height and general size; she has worn some of my cosplays in the past and they fit her fairly well.  So for her I made an exception, especially after she told me what she wanted me to make.

Like me, Holley is a Doctor Who fan. When she began watching season 7 of Doctor Who, Clara became an instant favorite for her – just like me.  She wanted all of Clara’s clothes, and I was happy to oblige as long as I could make a version for myself. We agreed to start with the Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS dress, which is one of my favorites and long sought after pieces.


It was difficult finding appropriate fabric for the dress.  The original Vaudeville and Burlesque dress has such a unique design it was a struggle to find something even close in a fabric I liked.  That is until Spoonflower came to the rescue. Granted they are a bit expensive but the fabric is custom printed. In person it wasn’t as bright as expected but it was better once sewn together.

I started with my dress to see if the pattern pieces franksteined together were going to work.  I used Burda 7309 for the bodice, Burda 7739 for the sleeves and lining skirt, McCalls 5591 for the main skirt, and Simplicity 1727 for the collar. The dress is lined in red cotton batiste in the bodice and skirt. Like always, the collar bias, sleeve hems, and skirt hem are finished by hand.


The sleeves are not as puffy and the skirt has larger and less pleats than the original, but I am fairly happy with it.  I wore my dress to work on my birthday; three non-Whovian coworkers thought it was cute. My mom thought it was a little retro. Either way, I like it. I made the skirt hem about 2 inches above my knee, higher than I normally wear skirts. I am hoping I will be less self conscious of it’s shortness once autumn comes and I can wear it with tights.


Once I finished both dresses, there was enough fabric left over for a skirt. Since I have tons of fabric for other projects, I offered to sew Holley an extra skirt.  I used Burda 7049. It took every last inch of fabric to make the super pleated skirt.  It is very cute and I am almost sad to see it go but I have plenty of fabric to make my own version.


It had been a while since I last used the buttonhole option on my machine but it came out well.  Unlike the dress, I ironed down the pleats to get them to set (I didn’t do so on the dress to make the skirt more poofy).



I literally just finished the second dress and skirt about 15 minutes ago.  I have now been conned into another cosplay that is due to wear in a month and I have none of the materials.  I am going to take a break before tackling that one since I agreed to something that should really take me two months to complete. The things I do for friends.


Jess’ Red Dress

Normally I am a t-shirt and jeans girl. But lately I have been heavily influenced by the new autumn items at Modcloth, by Peneloping and her creativity, by Jess’s style in New Girl, and by Clara’s style in Doctor Who. I have been impatiently waiting for autumn and cool weather so I can wear skirts and dresses with tights and leggings (I do not like my legs bare so tend to wear a lot of hiking pants in summer since jeans are too hot).

Red is usually not a staple color in my wardrobe.  I’m rather drab with mostly blacks, grays, and darker tones.  But I have been gravitating towards bright colors to help with my mood (which has been somewhat down lately).  Jess’ red dress in New Girl is just what I need.


I used practically the same patterns Peneloping did (Burda 7309 for the bodice, Burda 7739 for the sleeves, and Simplicity 1873 for the skirt).  I didn’t intend to; I was going to use just the Burda for the bodice but the pattern(s) I wanted to use for the skirt were not going to work out.  Also, using Burda 7739 for the sleeves made them puffier than I intended but I like the effect.


Normally I wear my skirts a little below my knees because I have ugly knees.  But I hemmed this one to just above the knee since longer made it seem dowdy.


Since I don’t wear a lot of bright colors (my complexion is more suited to muted, darker colors), I intend to wear this dress with accessories to tone it down.  I am already knitting a Marion cropped cardigan in a light gray wool and it’s going very quickly.

I already have an idea how to put together an outfit with this dress come next Valentine’s Day despite the fact that I am single and will be spending it at home with my cats.  At least I will look nice for work.  :3

Hermione Granger’s OotP Striped Sweater

Finally!  I have finished knitting my first sweater!  Granted I didn’t think it would be this sweater but still.

Just as a reminder, here is the sweater in question.

Picture-1And this is the pattern I used: Hermione Grainbow by J.R. Lockwood on Ravelry.  I used Knit Picks Swish DK in Marble Heather, Peapod, Sugar Plum, Twilight, Carnation, Hollyberry, Honey, and Amethyst Heather on size 6 circular and DP needles.



I started knitting this sweater in October of 2012, got so tired of the repetitive stockinette stitch that I stopped, and picked it back up in August of 2013.  It sat in my knitting bag with a finished back and half of a front; when I picked it up again, it took less than a month to finish the front and both sleeves.

That was the easy part.

I am not a fan of picking up stitches, I just don’t like it.  I have a difficult time with it.  I actually had to shush my mom when she tried to ask me a question while I picked up stitches for the collar.  I got the right amount but ended up with a hole in the front on the right side just above the last red stripe.  Easy fix with some scrap gray yarn and a little darning.  The right side of the collar looks a little different from the left, but nothing a scarf or collared shirt can’t hide.

Mattress stitching is entirely new to me.  I had read how to do it but had to watch 4 YouTube videos before it clicked…and that was after I used my typical whipstitch to graft the shoulders together (again, hiding with scarf or shirt).

April Rhodes Staple Dress

I bought some stretch fabric last week with the intent of making a floral shirt and two maxi skirts. The two stretch jersey fabrics for my maxi skirts ended up creating a mess on freshly swept floors and not cooperating with me at all; I ended up throwing all 4 yards of scraps into the trash.  I hadn’t touched my floral jersey and set it aside, still intending to make my shirt but not wanting to deal with jersey fabric.

For the record, I prefer woven fabrics.

I asked my mother her opinion on the fabric and whether or not it would make a good shirt or a skirt.  She immediately came back with “It could work for both…or a dress.”

A dress?  Why didn’t I think of that?

Immediately thought of April Rhodes’ Staple Dress which I had been drooling over for weeks.  I bought the pattern, printed and taped it together; I had the fabric and the serger.  The only thing I didn’t have was elastic thread but I have 1/4″ elastic which April says works as a substitute with zig-zag stitching.  It took about 3 hours on and off to finish.  Since I was working with stretch fabric, I didn’t make the bias tape but twice folded over the edges and zig-zag stitched.  I also opted for the high-low hem since that is my current obsession with skirts and dresses.



After completing the dress, I highly recommend springing for elastic thread and doing shirring on the waist.  The elastic doesn’t make quite an impression gathered, and my zig-zag stitch kept catching the edges (I set it at the widest stitch and it still was smaller in width than the elastic).

I will definitely be making this dress again in a variety of fabrics.  It’s a very simple pattern and so versatile.