April Rhodes Staple Dress

I bought some stretch fabric last week with the intent of making a floral shirt and two maxi skirts. The two stretch jersey fabrics for my maxi skirts ended up creating a mess on freshly swept floors and not cooperating with me at all; I ended up throwing all 4 yards of scraps into the trash.  I hadn’t touched my floral jersey and set it aside, still intending to make my shirt but not wanting to deal with jersey fabric.

For the record, I prefer woven fabrics.

I asked my mother her opinion on the fabric and whether or not it would make a good shirt or a skirt.  She immediately came back with “It could work for both…or a dress.”

A dress?  Why didn’t I think of that?

Immediately thought of April Rhodes’ Staple Dress which I had been drooling over for weeks.  I bought the pattern, printed and taped it together; I had the fabric and the serger.  The only thing I didn’t have was elastic thread but I have 1/4″ elastic which April says works as a substitute with zig-zag stitching.  It took about 3 hours on and off to finish.  Since I was working with stretch fabric, I didn’t make the bias tape but twice folded over the edges and zig-zag stitched.  I also opted for the high-low hem since that is my current obsession with skirts and dresses.



After completing the dress, I highly recommend springing for elastic thread and doing shirring on the waist.  The elastic doesn’t make quite an impression gathered, and my zig-zag stitch kept catching the edges (I set it at the widest stitch and it still was smaller in width than the elastic).

I will definitely be making this dress again in a variety of fabrics.  It’s a very simple pattern and so versatile.

4 thoughts on “April Rhodes Staple Dress

  1. I thought I last saw this kind of dress in the TV series “Little house on the Prairie”. It really has a sweet look with florals abound. Good take on the fabric.

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