Daenerys Photoshoot

At the end of September, my fantastic photographer friend, Sarah of Starrfall Photography, and I did a photoshoot of my Daenerys season 3 dress.  We were doing the shoot in an effort to enter a 50mm lens photography contest.  We made it to the final voting round and are hoping to win.  We’ll see if we do.  🙂


The shoot was done locally in a field across from a church; later we moved locations to another area just before sunset. We chose the area and the time for the openness and for the availability of natural sunlight.  The results of the shoot and Sarah’s editing blow my mind every time I see them.


The shoot was full of bugs, spiders, and threatening weather (which thankfully never occurred), but was extremely fun. We did a lot of tromping through really tall grass, weeds, thorns, and who knows what else.  Location photoshoots are always an adventure since you never know what is going to happen.


I love working with Sarah.  Not only do I get awesome photos I otherwise would never get, I learn quite a lot from her on how to operate a camera. She has more experience than I do and it’s great to get perspective from an actual person and not just booklets, CDs, and audio feedback.  We have another location and concept photoshoot coming soon so expect pictures of those towards the end of November.


I cannot wait for future photoshoots, but I also cannot wait to wear Daenerys again.  Unfortunately this is more of a warm weather outfit with the lack of sleeves and open back. It’s going to have to sit in the closet until Animazement in May but I can’t wait for it.  🙂


The above photo is the one Sarah entered into the contest.  We were so excited to make it to the final voting stage.  We hope to win, which I think would be wonderful (more so for Sarah than for myself).  We’ll just have to cross our fingers and hope for the best.  😀


2 thoughts on “Daenerys Photoshoot

  1. Those pictures are amazing, I especially like the second one 🙂 Good luck in the contest!

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