Amy’s Let’s Kill Hitler Cosplay

Once I got the Dr. Martens Triumph 1914 boots and decided to cosplay Amy Pond, naturally I set out to find other outfits I could do. Since I also bought the Palladium boots she wears in a Good Man Goes to War, I do plan on cosplaying her white “prisoner” outfit. But I also wanted something more colorful.

Since the outfit Amy wears in Let’s Kill Hitler includes the same boots as the Night Terrors outfit, of course I chose to do that outfit as well.

Amy Rory LKH

Most of this outfit is bought since they are very generic items. I bought the mustard colored tights from Modcloth and the jacket from Target.


The skirt…oh the skirt.  I looked EVERYWHERE for the skirt, even found the screen accurate one on eBay.  The problems with all of the skirts were 1) too short and 2) they would fit my wide hips but gap at my narrower waist (I am a classic pear shape). I thought about turning one of my old jeans into a skirt but they had faded over time and I didn’t want to bother dying them. So instead I bought a slim fitting pair of Levi Denizen jeans from Target and modified those into a skirt instead.

The only thing I don’t like about this modified skirt is that is gaps in the back hem.  The end of it just “pooches” out and it looks kind of funny.  I think this frequently happens when you convert pants to a skirt.  I’ll have to watch out for that pooch during photos…and keep looking for a more appropriate skirt.

I was originally going to sew up a lace version of the Topshop handkerchief crop top until a cosplayer on a DW cosplay forum decided to sell hers. At first I wasn’t going to buy it since it was a bit pricey, but then another cosplayer was selling hers for far more. I didn’t think I would get another opportunity to get a decent deal so I ended up getting the first one.


Since I am arriving to Banzai Con on Friday afternoon, I plan to quickly change into this outfit and save Night Terrors on Saturday.  The great thing about both outfits is they are easy to walk in and easy to play photographer in.

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