Night Terrors Scarf Pattern

I have gotten a lot of request to post my pattern for Amy’s Night Terrors scarf. After cleaning it up, here it is.


The original Noa Noa scarf that the Doctor Who companion Amy Pond wears in the season six episode “Night Terrors” is near impossible to find. Rather than continue a fruitless search for such a simple item, I decided to knit this lovely myself. The pattern is so simple that a beginner knitter will be able to recreate it. The pattern is repetitive and makes for great knitting while watching TV.

The supplies listed are the ones that I used. Make sure to use the appropriate needle size for the yarn that you use. I prefer the weight of a sport or DK weight yarn, but this scarf can be made in a fingering or worsted weight as well. If you decide to use a different weight yarn, your yardage will change as well.

• US size 6 circular or straight needles
• Knit Picks Capra Cashmere in Caviar (1 skein)
• Knit Picks Capra Cashmere in Harbor (5 skeins)
• Knit Picks Capra Cashmere in Black (5 skeins)
• Stitch markers (optional)

Since this is a scarf, gauge isn’t necessary. It is recommended to obtain the gauge for your needle and yarn, but the ribbing will make this scarf quite stretchy.

CO: Cast on
K: knit
P: purl
BO: Bind off

Row 1: (k1p1) repeat 6 times, (k2p2) repeat 15 times, (k1p1) repeat 6 times

CO 84 stitches in Caviar, knit row 1 for 4 rows

Switch to Harbor, repeat row 1 for 12 rows
Switch to Black, repeat row 1 for 12 rows
• Repeat the above two color blocks one more time

Switch to Harbor and begin next two rows

Row 2: (k1p1) repeat 4 times, (p4k4) repeat 8 times, p4, (k1p1) repeat 4 times
Row 3: (k1p1) repeat 4 times, (k4p4) repeat 8 times, k4, (k1p1) repeat 4 times

Repeat rows 2 and 3, switching between Harbor and Black every 12 rows until desired length.

End in Harbor color.

Switch to Black, knit row 1 for 12 rows.
Switch to Harbor, knit row 1 for 12 rows.
• Repeat above two color blocks one more time

Switch to Caviar, knit row 1 for 4 rows. BO

Notes: Using Capra and size 6 needles makes a wide scarf (around 9 inches). If you are using a similar weight or heavier weight yarn and do not want your scarf as wide, decrease your cast on stitches to 76. Maintain the border stitches in rows 1-3, but decrease the “inside” stitches of row 1 to 13 repeats and the “inside” stitches of rows 2 and 3 to 7 repeats.

If you are using a lighter weight yarn, you can increase your cast on to 92 stitches. Maintain the border stitches; increase your “inside” stitches in row 1 to 17 repeats and the “inside” stitches of rows 2 and 3 to 9 repeats.

My scarf ended up being 6 feet since I like long scarves I can wind in different ways. How long you make your scarf will determine how much yarn you will need.

It is recommended that you bind off in a stretchy method to maintain the stretch and give of the ribbing. My preferred method is Jenny’s stretchy bind off.

No blocking is necessary. If you do not block, the edges will roll in on the scarf a bit. I   didn’t mind this, but if the roll bothers you then blocking will fix that.

Kuroshitsuji Elizabeth Cosplay

I confess: I haven’t actually worn this costume yet.  It’s finished and has been sitting on my cosplay rack for almost two years.  I was going to wear it but the wig I bought was three different colors.  I am either going to purchase a new wig (that comes in one piece and therefore one color) or borrow my friend Ali’s wig.

I’ve cosplayed from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler before, but it was always as Ciel.  At some point I got tired of cosplaying males and decided to do more female costumes.  At first I didn’t like Elizabeth’s character but I loved her clothes.  This one stood out the most for me.


The original image I used made the dress look more teal so that was the color I went with.  I made this costume purely for the cuteness factor.  I love the frills and ruffles and all the little details.  The hat was so cute, and all the crown designs were pretty.  But I hate the fabric I used.  It was the perfect color and the perfect weight; it did really well on the screenprinting.  It drapes nicely and flows when I want it to.

It broke 4 needles.  FOUR.

Again, I don’t remember the patterns I used since I did a LOT of modifications. I think the end result came out really well.  It fits well but I haven’t really worn it around.


And the hat.


After all the work I put into this thing, I hope I get to wear it soon.  Maybe at Nashi Con 2014.