Kuroshitsuji Elizabeth Cosplay

I confess: I haven’t actually worn this costume yet.  It’s finished and has been sitting on my cosplay rack for almost two years.  I was going to wear it but the wig I bought was three different colors.  I am either going to purchase a new wig (that comes in one piece and therefore one color) or borrow my friend Ali’s wig.

I’ve cosplayed from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler before, but it was always as Ciel.  At some point I got tired of cosplaying males and decided to do more female costumes.  At first I didn’t like Elizabeth’s character but I loved her clothes.  This one stood out the most for me.


The original image I used made the dress look more teal so that was the color I went with.  I made this costume purely for the cuteness factor.  I love the frills and ruffles and all the little details.  The hat was so cute, and all the crown designs were pretty.  But I hate the fabric I used.  It was the perfect color and the perfect weight; it did really well on the screenprinting.  It drapes nicely and flows when I want it to.

It broke 4 needles.  FOUR.

Again, I don’t remember the patterns I used since I did a LOT of modifications. I think the end result came out really well.  It fits well but I haven’t really worn it around.


And the hat.


After all the work I put into this thing, I hope I get to wear it soon.  Maybe at Nashi Con 2014.

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