On the Hunt

One Tuesday I was rather bored and it was a beautiful day. I was on Facebook when my friend Sarah of Starrfall Photography commented on how gorgeous the day was and how she wanted to go out shooting photos. Since I am the most local of all her models, I quickly styled my Katniss wig and threw on my hunting outfit and off we went. We lacked a bow and accessories, and I discovered that my head is too small for lace front wigs but the photos turned out gorgeous (like always).

imageThe day was warm but cool enough that I wasn’t dying in my faux leather jacket and cowl.

imageThe above shoot took make in a bog, which smelled awful. We also happened across a deceased possum, which was a bit of a kill joy but we pressed on.

imageThe best part about Katniss’ outfit is that it makes it easier to tromp through greenery. I didn’t have to worry about snagging flowing dresses on sticks, or tripping over roots in heels. I could also get down and dirty on the ground then come home and toss everything in the wash.

The only downside to it all was the lack of snow. Sarah and I commented frequently on how we wished it would snow so we could take pictures that simulated the opening sequence of the movie. Until it actually does snow (which does not happen often in NC), Sarah photoshopped a bit in.

imageI plan on wearing this outfit again in a few weeks to Ichiban Con (first con of the season!). I am in the process of making it complete and better with another cowl, a different wig, and all the necessary accessories.

And since it is December 24th, Happy Christmas and Holidays! 😀

2 thoughts on “On the Hunt

  1. I’m sure you know the movie was filmed in NC….In Hildebran, right off ext 119 on 40. You can actually drive right into District 12; it’s a little abandoned mill “town” that this guy owns (and is trying to sell for the low low price of $1.5 million!). It’s really pretty cool! You should make a road trip!

    • LOL My photographer (Sarah) and I live in Statesville; we are practically in District 12 territory since Statesville is 40 minutes from Hildebran and 40 minutes from the Charlotte/Concord area (where they filmed the Capitol scenes). The scenery around Statesville is very similar to Hildebran so no need to drive far. 🙂

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