Do You Commission?

I have been on hiatus for a bit. I am currently on summer break and have been laaaaaazzzzzy. Soon I hope to get my motivation back and show you all what costume I have been working on.

In the meantime, I thought I would answer a question I keep getting a lot. I have been receiving a variation if the same question:

“Do you commission?”

The answer is: No.

I am not one of those costumers who has taken my hobby and turned it into a side job. There’s a few reasons for this.

I am awful at deadlines. Work is different; I have various bosses at different levels who will light a metaphoric fire under my bum. As a commissioner, I would be my own boss. Judging by how well I follow deadlines for my own costumes, this will not bode well.

I have fitting issues. I can reasonably fit things to my own body, but to others? That second Clara dress I made went to a friend who is nearly my size. I made her dress exactly identical to mine…and she couldn’t zip it up past her ribs. Just think of the implications if my customer is not my size.

Most importantly: price. I am not a cheap commissioner. I use good materials, take my time to overlock, stitch, and press seams. I don’t skimp or cut corners. I like quality and will settle for no less. I’ll be damned if I don’t treat others the same way. This means costly fabrics and notions, and payment for my time. Since my skills have been cultivated from years of trial and errors, my labor costs would be at minimum $10/hour (according to my mom who has witnessed my progression firsthand, I should charge $15/hour). Since I take my time, labor cost add up.

So, no, I won’t make another Clara dress for you. I won’t knit you a Katniss cowl. I will not replicate a Daenerys dress for you. Mostly because I do not want to disappoint YOU. I don’t care about the money or the reputation commissioning brings. I am more concerned about disappointing my customers.

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