DIY: Clara Jewelry

As an add on to my previous post about my Clara Oswald wardrobe, I made some DIY jewelry.

Clara wears a lot of jewelry in Doctor Who (maybe more than I am comfortable with). In any given episode, she’s wearing at least a necklace and multiple rings and/or earrings. Some jewelry I have purchased in their screen accurate or alternative form (such as her eagle necklace or Robots of Sherwood headpiece), others (like the rings) I just kind of fudge together with things that I have. A couple of pieces I was going to purchase off of Etsy but figured why don’t I try my hand at making them instead.

So after a very successful trip to Michael’s today, I have cobbled together Clara’s Time of the Doctor triple con necklace and Robots of Sherwood wing earrings.


The triple cone necklace is, obviously, not identical to the original. I wanted something a little “daintier” that I could wear to work; subtle but still an attention getting. The earrings are almost identical. The hooks might be different but the wings are almost spot on. I found them by chance in a set of 7 wings. I turned 4 others into earrings in the hopes another Clara cosplay might be able to use them. Not sure what I am doing with the last wing though.

I do have a couple of vintage silver rings on my Etsy favorites list I might purchase to use as Clara items. They seem her style even if they aren’t the exact ones.

I’m still on the search for some small twist hoops to turn into Clara’s The Snowmen earrings. They are surprisingly difficult to find.

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