Building A Peggy Carter Wardrobe

In my Going Vintage post, I mentioned that one of my current role models is Agent Peggy Carter played by the lovely and talented Hayley Atwell. One of the things I absolutely love about Peggy is her sense of style. Since I’ve been attempting to go more vintage in my wardrobe, what better way to get inspiration than to start with Peggy.

So I have plans to make her iconic blue suit but I am having difficulty finding the appropriate blue color fabric in the right texture. I also have plans to make some of her Captain America uniforms but some of the pieces do not exactly translate to a teacher’s wardrobe. Since I love many of her pieces from Marvel’s Agent Carter, it just made sense to reproduce similar pieces.

A lot of Peggy’s pieces were either actual vintage pieces or custom made for the show. Other than the shoes and make up, there’s no way I’m going to be able to acquire screen accurate pieces. So the challenge would be to make them as close as possible. Challenge accepted!

One of the pieces I really love is her blue and red dress she wears midway through the first episode.

ZLu5UhcThis is one of my favorite pieces from the series and probably the closest to what I currently have in my wardrobe. I am fairly certain the original was made is a polyester type fabric but I plan to make mine in scuba knit for stretchability.

Next are her two suit jackets from the finale episode, Valediction. One is a dark blue plaid with an equally dark blue belt…

agentcaWhile the second is a dark blue stripe with a brighter toned blue belt.

agent-carter-finale_article_story_largeThe two outfits seem to use the same dark blue pants and shoes but the jackets, shirts, and belts change. They looked so similar with shirts having similar collar structures that I originally thought they were the same outfit. I’m more partial to the blue plaid one so that’s the jacket I’m likely to make first.

Speaking of plaid jackets, her red plaid jacket from the end of Time and Tide is just gorgeous and eye catching.

peggy carter in red plaid blazerThe costume designers of the show have stated that her skirt here is brown, but I think a dark navy would be more appropriate and work just as well.

Her green wrap dress coat from the Iron Ceiling is also a favorite.

1536x2048The skirt has a nice swing to it. I think this is one of the few non-red, white, and blue outfits Peggy wears but I still love it. Wrap dresses work for almost any body type, especially my pear shaped figure.

There is of course her vintage blue and pink dress from the interview at the Griffith scene.

agent-carterThis is going to be an interesting challenge getting those pink stripes to line up.

Of course Peggy also has a number of silk shirts. I can think of at least five different styles she wears, most of them made of silk. Silk is expensive these days so I will probably use it only sparingly, making most of the shirts out of polyester, shirting, or poplin. The upside of making so many shirts is I will have plenty to wear for work.

agent-carter-pilot-hayley-atwell_article_story_largeLast but not least is the red dress from the bar scene in Captain America.

ca003I have no idea when this dress will be worn but it’s nonetheless beautiful and I want it.

My plan is to have at least two of these outfits, the blue suit with red fedora, and one of Peggy’s uniforms done by the end of the year. Since I’ve already made a pair of blue pants, modified a red fedora, and have all but a uniform jacket done, I think I am well on the way there. 🙂

Next thing I need to do is get comfortable wearing a red lip and make up. =/

Going Vintage

I am a comfort type of girl. I like comfortable clothes I can move easily in. I wore jeans and shirts all through high school. I wear my pajamas as often as I can. My hiking clothes fit my comfort level, but they don’t necessarily fit my teacher profession.

But I also love pretty things. I love flowy skirts and pretty prints. I love dresses that hug the right curves. I love pretty skirts and blouse tops. I have funky feet but I still adore pretty shoes.

Lately I’ve been wanting to revamp my closet as I own less pretty things than I would like, but I never really knew what I wanted. Then Marvel’s Agent Carter premiered. I have adored Peggy ever since she was in “Captain America: The First Avenger.” Watching the show and her sense of style made me realize that I have an affinity for vintage styles. I have more of the body type of a 1940s and 1950s woman.

So I decided to slowly get rid of the clothes I no longer wear and add pieces with more vintage cuts. Most likely I will be making the pieces but I will attempt to incorporate actual vintage pieces or vintage inspired pieces.

Agent Carter is, of course, my main inspiration. I mean, look at how gorgeous Hayley Attwell is as the famed SSR agent/founder of SHIELD.

ZLu5UhcI love the classic look of all of her pieces. I will be making her blue suit and red fedora number for a comic con. I also love the blue dress she is wearing in the above photo; I am hoping to make it in a knit fabric for a slightly more modern look and feel. Each new episode brings more wardrobe inspiration.

I can’t forget the fact that I also sometimes like the funky, fun pieces I see, especially those worn by Technical Analyst Penelope Garcia (played by Kristen Vangsness) on Criminal Minds.

KIRSTEN VANGSNESSPenelope – and Kristen – is a woman who loves herself, curves and all. I have a classic pear shape (small top and waist, larger hips and thighs) and have always struggled with this shape. Penelope is such an inspiration to someone like me. I totally love the dress she’s wearing in this image; I wish I could find it.

My third fashion inspiration is a fellow cosplayer. Rachael Elle, otherwise known as Moonflower Cosplay or simply moonflowerlights on Instagram. Rachael’s cosplays are amazing; she’s always been so helpful when I ask her questions. But what I really love is her every day vintage style. She has an amazing sense of style, and her shoe collection is crazy awesome (and HUGE). Seeing her outfits has inspired me to take the plunge and revamp my wardrobe. I also love her body confidence – which I doubt I will ever really achieve.

So here’s to hoping that by the end of 2015 I’ll have at least the start of a great, vintage, pretty, and versatile wardrobe.