Unexpected Hiatus


It’s been a bit, hasn’t it? I’m sorry about that. I’ve been on a sewing slump lately and haven’t really made anything. I have mock ups for two Peggy dresses that have just been sitting on my chair waiting to be stitched. The semester has started again and the seasons are changing – which I love but autumn leaves me tired all the time.

I’ve been spending the last few weeks collecting a lot of gently used (and loved) Orphan Black screen accurate clothing. OB has been my latest geek obsession. I managed to cosplay Sarah already but have no photos. Cosima is my favorite so most of the pieces I have been collecting are hers. I am hoping to soon have enough pieces to start collecting photos of me wearing the pieces. But that first requires a camera with wireless remote capabilities. Since my current Canon Rebel does not have that ability, I am saving for a more advanced model and a place in or near my home I can take good pictures with as a backdrop. I am hoping to achieve that soon.

Since my interests constantly change, expect blog posts to change as well. I may show more of other crafts. For example, did I ever mention I collect geek cookbooks? I have two new ones in my hands and am itching to start those recipes. Also, I got a few more knitting books and with the change in seasons it’s time to dust off my knitting needles. I hope despite the changes you will still find something here that interests you.

Thank you all for still sticking with me even though I leave you hanging often. I really appreciate all your support. 🙂