Who Am I?

Since I have decided to make some changes to my page, I thought it was high time I actually talked about a topic I know the most about. Myself! I’ve already mentioned the fact that I am a self-taught costumer and knitter. But what else am I?

-I’m a certified photographer. In June of this year (2015), I completed my certificate in Professional Photography from the New York Institute of Photography. Because my professional career keeps me busy most of the year, I don’t always have a chance to play with my camera. And when I do, I’m often too tired to want to.

-Speaking of my professional career, I am currently employed as a science instructor at a local community college. I’ve held this position for the last decade, and even once actually coordinated the department. While I like science, it’s been my whole life of the last 16 years. I’m very much looking for a change.

-I’m a hiker. On the occasional weekend – I try for at least twice a month – I strap on my hiking boots, load up my backpack, and take off into the woods. I am, admittedly, a day hiker; I don’t do backpacking and I don’t do overnight camps. The longest hike I’ve completed in a day is 20 miles completely by accident – that’s a story for another time.

-I like reading, but it’s really hard to get me intrigued and keep me entertained. Mostly I read comic books and young adult fiction. Both are short and keep me engaged. But I can be picky with what I like.

-I like stationary shops, zoos, and aquariums. Whenever I go on trips, if there is any of these stores around, you can bet I will make a point of visiting them.

-The US city I have visited and love the most thus far is Boston, MA. I love Boston so much I want to go back, even live there for a time if I could. The US city I want to visit the most is Portland, OR.

-I have traveled overseas to France, the UK, and Japan. I want to visit them all again, plus a few other European areas. I want to photograph their beauty, watch their people, shop their stores, and consume their food. But I hate flying. I really, really hate flying.

-Once upon a time, I was a fan fiction writer. Mostly in the Tolkien fandom. I knew – still do – a lot about the elves of the First Age. The Fall of Gondolin was my speciality. The Flower and The Fountain, those were the days. Sometimes I contemplate doing some actual writing of my own.

-Once in my life, I was an artist. I could create decent sketches. Not so much anymore, but my head won’t stop filling in pretty images begging to be put to paper.

Lastly, at least for now…

-For Christmas, I’m going to Disney World. :3