Inside the Closet


However you found your way to this blog, welcome!  If you get a chance, please leave a comment.  I would love to hear how you managed to find your way here.

Sew Kurafty is about all the items I craft from scratch as well as those I collect.  I have been a lover of crafts since high school but my adoration really took off in grad school when I taught myself to sew.  Since then I have dabbled in cosplay and sewing (which is my main craft), jewelry making, kumihimo (a Japanese style of weaving), screenprinting, knitting, and DIY crafts of all kinds.  At this time, my main crafts are sewing and knitting, which I attempt to do regularly.  I am willing to try almost anything within the confines of my budget and my small living space.

I also like to collect screen accurate items from television series and movies I love. Sadly my merger teacher’s salary doesn’t always allow me to buy the pieces I want, but I try my best! Those I can’t find I try to craft instead.

Why “sew kurafty”?  For my cats!  I have two domestic short hair cats I am absolutely smitten with.  Kuro is my gorgeously handsome male black short hair, and Kulin is my chubby but pretty brown spotted white short hair.  Whenever I am crafting, one of them is nearby to watch, play with string or yarn, or beg for attention.

In my real life I am a biology instructor.  I am also a certified photographer (which doesn’t always reflect in my sad iPhone photos).  I aspire to be something in the creative business, whether that be a photographer or a crafter – or preferably both! I am hoping to make my way into the growing film industry in North Carolina. Crossing my fingers it happens soon.

Feel free to friend, read, follow, comment, ask questions, whatever you like.  I’d love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “Inside the Closet

    • I am currently working on a tutorial of how I made mine. It’s not a true “pattern” since I am modifying someone else’s pattern. The tutorial works on the premise that one has the existing pattern already.

  1. Hi! I was wondering if you were going to make/have done an oswin Oswald tutorial for asylum of the daleks. I’m going as her to a convention with my friends who are playing 11 and 4. It’s in June, so I want to start now so I don’t rush like I did my Halloween costume last year.

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