Sewing and Costuming

I get asked a lot how I learned to sew.  Well, here’s the answer:

I am self taught.

Nobody in my family sews. My stepdad was a tailor, but never count on him to teach you anything. He pretty much gave me a spare industrial machine, taught me how to thread a bobbin, pop said bobbin into the machine, turn it on, and turn it off.

I was never taught…
…how to read a pattern.
…how to sew pattern pieces together.
…how to modify patterns.
…how to alter clothes.

Everything I know about sewing is either by trial and error or by scouring the net.  Somehow, that always amazes people. I just shrug it off since I’ve known nothing else.

I started sewing when I was a kid using needle and thread and making random mini clothes from scraps of fabric. No sewing of any kind occurred during my adolescence since I was so focused on studying to be a doctor (that didn’t happen). I picked it up again in graduate school when I wanted to start making cosplays. I haven’t stopped since (though I do take the occasional hiatus now and then).

I’ve been costuming as long as I’ve been sewing. I’ve done a variety of costumes, some of which I entered into contests. I have won a few awards but nothing major. I’m not really one for competition so most of my cosplays are for fun. Unfortunately until recently I haven’t gotten a lot of decent photos of my cosplays but hopefully that will change soon.

Recently my sewing has progressed more towards everyday clothing since my skills have now reached a point that I can sew clothes that don’t look homemade. I hope to keep creating cosplays in the future since it’s really what got me started. It is my hope that my skills will somehow be recognized and I can land a career as a costume designer (or at least an assistant to one). My dream career would be to work at Walt Disney World in the costume department, crafting the outfits the face characters wear. I hear that’s really difficult unless you know someone – which I do not unfortunately. Maybe one day one of them will happen across this blog? One can dream.

6 thoughts on “Sewing and Costuming

  1. just curious, are you currently in NC? what area? I’m in the Charlotte area and I am thinking of making a version of one of your costumes for my husband if you don’t mind. Consider imitation as flattery : )

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