Doctor Who Fandom Skirt and Dress

What happens when a Doctor Who fan finds out that her local Joann Fabric and Crafts have Doctor Who fabrics?

She goes and buys some of course!

Not only did I buy fabric, so did a bunch of my friends in the hopes of making clothing items. T.A.R.D.I.S. and Daleks and flannels, oh my!  I bought two yards of the repeating T.A.R.D.I.S. print and 4 yards of the exploding/Van Gogh T.A.R.D.I.S. print. As much of a not fan of the Daleks as I am, I am almost tempted to go back and get that fabric to make a skirt out of.

I turned the repeating T.A.R.D.I.S. print into an A-line skirt. I made it in half a day, a week before attending Triad Anime Con where I wore it on Sunday. It’s a comfortable skirt since both the fabric and the lining are cotton based. It’s not something I can wear to work because the print is…well…see for yourself.

imageIt’s a bold print, one which I can only wear on my days off from work or to cons – and also only with solid colored tops. But I really liked the cut of the skirt so I will probably make another in a more work appropriate print. (By the way, the pattern is Simplicity 1717, style B curvy.) Because I am apparently curvier than Simplicity thinks curvy women are, I had to add two extra darts in the back to fit the waist properly.

One of my friends, Angela, bought the exploding/Van Gogh T.A.R.D.I.S. fabric and made a fabulous dress out of it. This, naturally, made me want to make a dress of my own once I had acquired the same fabric. It took a while to decide – with the input of friends – which pattern to use. I ended up deciding on Simplicity 1755, dress A but with the skirt length of dress B. I used the T.A.R.D.I.S. fabric for the main dress, a navy stretch sateen cotton for the collar and removable belt, and a navy polyester lining in the bodice. Except for the DW fabric, everything else used to make this dress came from my hoard (yay for using up scraps!).

IMG_7974 FixedAs with the skirt, I had to make a few adjustments, mostly to the top. I had to shorten the top at the neck edges by a total of about 2 inches. Then I took in the sides about 1 inch under each arm; I cheated and made “pleats” under the arms so I could maintain the blouse-iness of the top while closing the arm openings to a more comfortable level. I don’t always like exposing that much of my arms so I will probably wear a cardigan with this (perfect excuse to buy the Her Universe Tardis or Union Jack cardigans I have been lusting over).

The skirt on this dress is MASSIVE. It has all these pleats in the front so it didn’t look as large until I laid it on the floor in the midst of sewing; it’s makes a half circle skirt…with pleats. The above photo shows the dress with a petticoat underneath; you can get a sense of how full the skirt is. Without the petticoat it’s still pretty impressive.

Best part is the dress skirt has pockets strategically hidden by pleats. I love skirts and dresses (anything really) with pockets. Even if I don’t put anything in them, inevitably my hands will find my way into pockets. The print is attention grabbing and a different sort of boldness from the skirt. I think there might be certain days I could wear this to work, at least I’ll find a way.

P.S. Notice how the photography of my skirt is different from my dress? I recently purchased some soft box lighting equipment off eBay for my photography lessons. I practiced with them for the first time to photograph the dress. What a difference controlled lighting can make! I am hoping to make it a habit to photograph new projects using the equipment. Hopefully soon I can get a set-up and backdrop so you guys don’t have to see the blah off-white paint of my walls.


DIY: Clara Jewelry

As an add on to my previous post about my Clara Oswald wardrobe, I made some DIY jewelry.

Clara wears a lot of jewelry in Doctor Who (maybe more than I am comfortable with). In any given episode, she’s wearing at least a necklace and multiple rings and/or earrings. Some jewelry I have purchased in their screen accurate or alternative form (such as her eagle necklace or Robots of Sherwood headpiece), others (like the rings) I just kind of fudge together with things that I have. A couple of pieces I was going to purchase off of Etsy but figured why don’t I try my hand at making them instead.

So after a very successful trip to Michael’s today, I have cobbled together Clara’s Time of the Doctor triple con necklace and Robots of Sherwood wing earrings.


The triple cone necklace is, obviously, not identical to the original. I wanted something a little “daintier” that I could wear to work; subtle but still an attention getting. The earrings are almost identical. The hooks might be different but the wings are almost spot on. I found them by chance in a set of 7 wings. I turned 4 others into earrings in the hopes another Clara cosplay might be able to use them. Not sure what I am doing with the last wing though.

I do have a couple of vintage silver rings on my Etsy favorites list I might purchase to use as Clara items. They seem her style even if they aren’t the exact ones.

I’m still on the search for some small twist hoops to turn into Clara’s The Snowmen earrings. They are surprisingly difficult to find.

My Clara Oswald Wardrobe

Doctor Who season 8 with Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman returns this Saturday. I can’t wait! I will be watching the new season from my couch via BBCAmerica (it’s the only reason I keep paying for digital cable).

It’s probably no surprise to you guys that Clara is my favorite companion. Jenna is my height and size, and I just love her sassy attitude. A friend of mine recently told me I resemble Jenna (bone structure and facial structure); while I don’t believe her, it still made me very happy. So I started evaluating all my Clara clothing items. I still need a few items to complete some outfits so here’s my inventory so far.

Bells of St. John


Clara wears two outfits in this episode but I’ve only complete one of them. I made my own version of her red space dye dress (which I wear a lot on a regular basis), and I recently got her screen accurate Sparkle and Fade cardigan from my friend Lauren. I have black tights and black alternative boots from Dirty Laundry. My version of her eagle necklace is silver and from Forever 21. I don’t have her parka but it’s not something I really need.

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS


If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know I made my own version of the JttCotT dress using fabric from Spoonflower (the screen accurate Vaudeville and Burlesque dress is IMPOSSIBLE to get a hold of). My version is a little more faded in color due to the printing process. I also made my own version of her vintage watch face bracelet using vintage watch faces I got off Etsy. I’m still looking for good alternatives for her Jules taupe biker boots (I actually purchased the Jules boots at one point from All Saints but their shoe sizes run small and I had to return them).

Nightmare in Silver


Woo hoo, one complete outfit! Again, you may already know that this is perhaps my most screen accurate outfit. I only made the undershirt, but I have the All Saints jacket, Sparkle and Fade carnation skirt, and the F-troupe shoes. I found out later my shoes are actually from the spring line that follows the fall line Clara wears; this means the scalloping around the ankle is a little different. Eh, no big deal since you hardly see her shoes. I also have recently purchased a wig to use for this outfit. I need to find an abandoned house or building to take photos in with this outfit.

Day of the Doctor


Day of the Doctor is the 50th anniversary special. I have the screen accurate dress, but my jacket is an Old Navy alternative. I have yet to purchase the alternative (almost identical) boots from ShoeFashionista but hope to do it soon. I can no longer get the screen accurate NW3 by Hobbs horseshoe necklace so I will just purchase one off Etsy.

Time of the Doctor


Time of the Doctor is the 2013 Christmas special. I have the screen accurate cardigan I purchased from House of Fraser and an alternative shirt from Forever 21. I could not get a hold of the Karen Millen check skirt so I am in the process of looking for an appropriate alternative. I had the change to purchase the boots but couldn’t justify their price; most likely I’ll save myself some money and use the same boots I’ll get for Day of the Doctor. Necklace alternative will be purchased off Etsy.

Deep Breath


Deep Breath is the first episode that will air for season 8 on Saturday. I am not entirely sure if this outfit appears in the episode, but promo photos say it does. The screen accurate skirt was purchased from Nordstrom; I have an alternative blouse on it’s way to me from eBay. The pin will be purchased from eBay (maybe screen accurate, if it’s not it’s a helluva good replica). Not sure what kind of shoes she is wearing so I’ll probably be sporting my F-troupes or Shoe Fashionistas for money sake.

Robots of Sherwood


The third episode for season 8, Robots of Sherwood sounds interesting. I purchased the screen accurate headpiece from Topshop. Unfortunately mine came with a broken clasp so the chain keeps falling off. I am hoping to find someone who can solder it closed or come up with a way to keep the chain and place and not scratch my head with the open clasp. Since the dress was most likely custom made, I am considering making it in the future.

I also made my own version of her Cold outfit and would like to make her Hide dress (since that dress is also impossible to get). Perhaps after AWA I will take the Hide dress. There are a few other season 8 outfits I would like to put together but haven’t figure out yet.

And that’s my Clara wardrobe! I hope to find the pieces I am missing and purchase the wigs I need so I can start wearing her outfits. Looking forward to cooler weather since most of them are cooler weather clothing.

Happy New Year

Happy 2014 everyone!

2013 ended with me being lazy and productive at the same time.  I didn’t do any work related things and I didn’t do any traveling; while my mother/roommate went to visit my brother in New York, I stayed at home with the kitties and knitted to my heart’s content.  I completed a few projects and made headway on others.

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, but I’ve started to make a few. Since this blog is all about my sewing and crafting, I’m only going to discuss those resolutions.  My crafting resolution is simple: knit and sew more.  I have plans to knit all of my close friends winter accessories as Christmas presents.  I have already started, but since I don’t know who follows me here I am going to refrain from posting any specifics.  I decided to do this now since there are tons of patterns and things I want to knit, but I knit so much for myself I can’t use them all.  There are going to be a lot of hats, cowls, and gloves coming off my needles before December rolls around again.

I also plan to sew more. I have this affinity for skater and circle skirts lately so I am going to attempt to be making a number of those.

As for cosplay plans, here are the top 5 picks for the time being.

1506258_699637143403097_1049951217_oI have no plans for anything anime/manga/kpop related. All of my plans circle around my current obsessions: Doctor Who, Hunger Games, and Once Upon A Time. Three outfits on my list – Katniss hunting, Katniss training, and Clara – are done except for a few accessories (shoes and/or wig).  I’ve already started the mock up for Katniss’ parade dress, and have a decent pattern in mind for Snow White. Since there isn’t much to be done, I am likely to add to this list (tentatively, I am considering adding Katniss’ arena outfit from the first movie and a Mary Margaret outfit).

As for the knitting, the following items are on my list to complete by the end of 2014 (and yes, these are for myself):

Dr. Watson’s Cabled Crew Neck Jumper
Effortless Cardigan
Mary Margaret’s Lace Tam
Mary Margaret Brioche Pullover

I said I wasn’t going to knit a lot for myself and now look what I did. In my defense, I have the yarn for three sweaters already, and the lace tam does not take long.

Can I make these resolutions?  Crossing my fingers that I can.

Night Terrors Scarf Pattern

I have gotten a lot of request to post my pattern for Amy’s Night Terrors scarf. After cleaning it up, here it is.


The original Noa Noa scarf that the Doctor Who companion Amy Pond wears in the season six episode “Night Terrors” is near impossible to find. Rather than continue a fruitless search for such a simple item, I decided to knit this lovely myself. The pattern is so simple that a beginner knitter will be able to recreate it. The pattern is repetitive and makes for great knitting while watching TV.

The supplies listed are the ones that I used. Make sure to use the appropriate needle size for the yarn that you use. I prefer the weight of a sport or DK weight yarn, but this scarf can be made in a fingering or worsted weight as well. If you decide to use a different weight yarn, your yardage will change as well.

• US size 6 circular or straight needles
• Knit Picks Capra Cashmere in Caviar (1 skein)
• Knit Picks Capra Cashmere in Harbor (5 skeins)
• Knit Picks Capra Cashmere in Black (5 skeins)
• Stitch markers (optional)

Since this is a scarf, gauge isn’t necessary. It is recommended to obtain the gauge for your needle and yarn, but the ribbing will make this scarf quite stretchy.

CO: Cast on
K: knit
P: purl
BO: Bind off

Row 1: (k1p1) repeat 6 times, (k2p2) repeat 15 times, (k1p1) repeat 6 times

CO 84 stitches in Caviar, knit row 1 for 4 rows

Switch to Harbor, repeat row 1 for 12 rows
Switch to Black, repeat row 1 for 12 rows
• Repeat the above two color blocks one more time

Switch to Harbor and begin next two rows

Row 2: (k1p1) repeat 4 times, (p4k4) repeat 8 times, p4, (k1p1) repeat 4 times
Row 3: (k1p1) repeat 4 times, (k4p4) repeat 8 times, k4, (k1p1) repeat 4 times

Repeat rows 2 and 3, switching between Harbor and Black every 12 rows until desired length.

End in Harbor color.

Switch to Black, knit row 1 for 12 rows.
Switch to Harbor, knit row 1 for 12 rows.
• Repeat above two color blocks one more time

Switch to Caviar, knit row 1 for 4 rows. BO

Notes: Using Capra and size 6 needles makes a wide scarf (around 9 inches). If you are using a similar weight or heavier weight yarn and do not want your scarf as wide, decrease your cast on stitches to 76. Maintain the border stitches in rows 1-3, but decrease the “inside” stitches of row 1 to 13 repeats and the “inside” stitches of rows 2 and 3 to 7 repeats.

If you are using a lighter weight yarn, you can increase your cast on to 92 stitches. Maintain the border stitches; increase your “inside” stitches in row 1 to 17 repeats and the “inside” stitches of rows 2 and 3 to 9 repeats.

My scarf ended up being 6 feet since I like long scarves I can wind in different ways. How long you make your scarf will determine how much yarn you will need.

It is recommended that you bind off in a stretchy method to maintain the stretch and give of the ribbing. My preferred method is Jenny’s stretchy bind off.

No blocking is necessary. If you do not block, the edges will roll in on the scarf a bit. I   didn’t mind this, but if the roll bothers you then blocking will fix that.

Amy’s Let’s Kill Hitler Cosplay

Once I got the Dr. Martens Triumph 1914 boots and decided to cosplay Amy Pond, naturally I set out to find other outfits I could do. Since I also bought the Palladium boots she wears in a Good Man Goes to War, I do plan on cosplaying her white “prisoner” outfit. But I also wanted something more colorful.

Since the outfit Amy wears in Let’s Kill Hitler includes the same boots as the Night Terrors outfit, of course I chose to do that outfit as well.

Amy Rory LKH

Most of this outfit is bought since they are very generic items. I bought the mustard colored tights from Modcloth and the jacket from Target.


The skirt…oh the skirt.  I looked EVERYWHERE for the skirt, even found the screen accurate one on eBay.  The problems with all of the skirts were 1) too short and 2) they would fit my wide hips but gap at my narrower waist (I am a classic pear shape). I thought about turning one of my old jeans into a skirt but they had faded over time and I didn’t want to bother dying them. So instead I bought a slim fitting pair of Levi Denizen jeans from Target and modified those into a skirt instead.

The only thing I don’t like about this modified skirt is that is gaps in the back hem.  The end of it just “pooches” out and it looks kind of funny.  I think this frequently happens when you convert pants to a skirt.  I’ll have to watch out for that pooch during photos…and keep looking for a more appropriate skirt.

I was originally going to sew up a lace version of the Topshop handkerchief crop top until a cosplayer on a DW cosplay forum decided to sell hers. At first I wasn’t going to buy it since it was a bit pricey, but then another cosplayer was selling hers for far more. I didn’t think I would get another opportunity to get a decent deal so I ended up getting the first one.


Since I am arriving to Banzai Con on Friday afternoon, I plan to quickly change into this outfit and save Night Terrors on Saturday.  The great thing about both outfits is they are easy to walk in and easy to play photographer in.

Amy’s Night Terrors Cosplay

Of the Doctor Who companions, Clara is my favorite. But I do love Amy Pond as well. I actually didn’t like Amy at first because it was just her and the Doctor; I much prefer the dynamic of Amy and Rory together since they compliment each other so well.

Recently while looking for some new boots, I happened across two of Amy’s screen accurate boots still available on Amazon in my size. I snapped them both up since 1) I have always wanted a pair of Dr. Martens, 2) Amy wears flat shoes, and 3) together they cost less than Clara’s Christmas special boots. Well, once I bought them the next logical step was to cosplay Amy. I have reservations about doing so since Karen Gillan is a redhead and Scottish and I am obviously…not. But I have always encouraged cosplayers of any race and origin so I thought why not.

Two of Amy’s outfits that I really like and stood out are her Night Terrors outfit and the one she wears in Let’s Kill Hitler. Luckily they are also the two in which she wears the Dr. Martens. I decided to start with the Night Terrors outfit since I really liked the dress she wore in it.


The boots are the screen accurate Dr. Martens Triumph 1914 in black. They are a tad long on my foot, but the width is perfect. Since they lace up so high and can accommodate thick socks I didn’t want to run the risk of returning them and ordering a smaller size.

I managed to get the screen accurate Noa Noa wool dress from a fellow DW cosplayer in Austria who was selling hers. I spent a pretty penny on it but it was new and unworn, and making it would have cost me nearly the same amount in labor time. I may still attempt to sew my own version just so that I have a warmer weather version as well. The dress is a size small; it fits me perfectly in my slightly broad shoulders, a little larger at my narrower waist, and hits above my knees. I’m a good deal shorter than Karen Gillan and had contemplated hemming it to the appropriate length, but that length is much shorter than even my shortest skirts and dresses. I decided I’m going to have to go for inaccuracy and leave the dress as is.


I’m still learning the functions of my camera so the damask like pattern on the dress doesn’t show up very well.

The jacket is an Oasis biker jacket I got on eBay for a decent price. It’s not screen accurate but it’s a very close style. It is also in black since the gray version of the specific jacket I bought was more silvery than dark gray.

The tights are Merona tights in dark grape/violet and were purchased at Target. To make the tank top underneath, I took a white Merona tank top I already owned and dyed it to a more dusty lavender color. I used to own a top in the color needed but I wore it so often I tossed it long before.

The scarf was knit using Capra Cashmere yarn in Caviar, Black, and Harbor. It was a simple rib pattern but it took me forever to figure out how many stitches to cast on.  The rib pattern changes at the beginning and end; it took some time and a lot of questions to another knitter to figure out the correct stitch count for a k2p2 that changes to a k4p4 with a k1p1 edge all the way.


I also have rings in rose gold plate that I purchased for dirt cheap on Amazon. The only items I will not have for this first wear is Amy’s A initial necklace and watch.  I have alts on Etsy I plan to buy but ran out of funds before the con.  Next wear I will have them.

I will be wearing this to Banzai Con in Columbia, SC this coming weekend. Hopefully I’ll have better pictures taken by my more experienced photographer friends.