Yes, that does say “mockingjays.”  Plural.  I have more than one.

I didn’t first start reading the Hunger Games series until early in February of this year.  Somehow I had completely missed all the hype about it until just before the movie was going to come out.  One of my cosplayer friends, Ali, was gushing all about it on Twitter.  It got to the point that I started to become curious out it and went to my local Walmart and picked up the first book.

Could. Not. Put. Down.

I became very intrigued with the mockingjay and what it stood for.  Naturally, it became one of those things I just had to have because the books resonated with me and I really loved Katniss’ character.  And we all know how the two practically blend together (trying to avoid spoilers here).


Of course, once the movie merchandise started coming out, the mockingjay was one of the things I attempted to acquire.  I have, in total, 5 mockingjays.  (Sorry for the slightly blurry image.)


The first mockingjay is the shiny Scholastic pin (top middle).  I’ve been out of school for a while, but I remember Scholastic and all the books they sold in elementary schools.  This pin was given to those who purchased the first book through them.  I got mine off eBay for a reasonable price.  The first time I wore it to work a couple of my students practically freaked out on me.

The second mockingjay is a modified pendant from the Neca replica (top left).  I love the pins but I rarely wear them, where as I wear bracelets and necklaces a lot.  I got this one off Etsy, also for a reasonable price, but I don’t wear it as much because it is rather large.

The third is Neca’s pin replica (top right).  This one tends to stay pinned to the left lapel of my arena replica jacket.  What I like about this one compared to the Scholastic version is that it isn’t as shiny; for a pin that has been passed down for some time, one wouldn’t expect it to be super shiny.  What I dislike about it is that it’s a tack pin rather than the brooch pin the Scholastic version is.  It makes for a pin that spins around a lot.

The fourth is Neca’s mockingjay bracelet.  I found this one at my local bookstore.  I didn’t immediately buy it.  I waited about a week and told myself if it was still there when I returned I would get it.  It was still there so now it’s mine, along with a District 12 Katniss and Peeta fleece blanket.

The fifth and last mockingjay is the gold plated sterling silver pendant (lower right).  This is the one I wear the most (when I’m not wearing this, I put on my bracelet).  This isn’t an official merchandise, per se.  I got it off of Amazon for an amazing price.  It’s not a perfectly formed piece (the circle isn’t a perfect circle), but it’s a nice way to display my affection for the series.  Because my skin is a golden/olive tone and I wear a lot of v-necks or open collars, it doesn’t get noticed as much.  When people do notice it, it’s either “Oh that’s so pretty!” or “Oh, is that…?!”

That’s my mockingjay collection.  If Neca comes out with new, different versions for Catching Fire and Mockingjay (which they probably will) you can bet this collection will expand.